Shenchuan Co., Ltd. is listed as a "4A" level unit for quality, service and reputation;

In January, Ye Yiqiang, chairman and general manager of Shenchuan Co., Ltd., won the 2014 "Top Ten New Entrepreneurs in Zibo"

On February 12, Shenchuan Co., Ltd. landed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System, and successfully listed on the New Third Board;

On February 26, Shenchuan Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Top 30 Technology-based High-growth Industrial Enterprises" in 2014;

On March 15, Shenchuan shares won the "Zibo High-tech Zone Science and Technology Award";

On July 14, Shenchuan Co., Ltd. was awarded the contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise in Zibo;

On October 30, Shandong Shenchuan Explosion-proof Electric Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenchuan Co., Ltd., was formally established;

On December 10, Shenchuan shares won the honorary title of "Lixin Unit";

On December 10, Shenchuan was rated as Zibo Enterprise Technology Center;

On December 20, Shenchuan Co., Ltd. was listed as the executive vice president unit of Zibo Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce (fifth session) and the director unit of Zibo Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce (fifth session).